Time well spent/wasted/enjoyed…

I’ve spent hours over the last few days shopping fabrics on etsy… Not nearly as fun as browsing through an actual fabric shop where you can feel the beautiful fabrics and textures in your fingers… but with two two year old at my side almost all the time a trip to the fabric store is a stressful event!

Instead I induldge in etsy…. and am hoping to buy a few of the following finds for projects 🙂 Speaking of projects – I bought the E. pattern by Meg yesterday (cryptic? it’s a birthday present for R. and if I ever end up sharing this blog with her – i don’t want her to know what i’m talking about!) I’m so excited 🙂 And i’m hoping to make a few gratitude wraps (from soulemama.com) and I’m working on a portfolio design (which is quite fun!) inspired by the movie Miss Potter. and…. then of course i’ll find 143 other projects to sew 🙂 i’m sure of it! (well, the number is random, but i’m sure there will be other projectS!)

Here are a few fabrics I’m eyeing 🙂

Alexandre Henry + Amy Butler combo – i’m think this would be especially fun for a child sized portfolio to hold precious art work or notes! Or…. one for me… or for pjs for the kiddos… or for just about anything. I love that zoo fabric especially!

Alexander Henry Fabric-Mirabelle in red — this would make a nice spring or valentine’s day dress or pjs or something!

I need to find this one on a purple background… Elizabeth LOVES purples and LOVES elephants — it would be so perfect! Elephants (this one is on green)


This one is so beautiful — looks like a henna painting….


and I love the texture in this one…

and if i could read japanese… i might pick up this book! (but… i can’t read japanese so i wont!)


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