A homemade waldorf doll…

For my son. I took a workshop to learn how to make these – I’m so happy I did. I love this doll – and cannot wait to gift it to my son on Christmas Morning. I bought my daugther one from the woman who gave the workshop 🙂




6 thoughts on “A homemade waldorf doll…

  1. I’m sure they will both love their doll! I’m also giving a waldorf doll to each of my three bundle of joy! I had a blast dressing them up! 😉

    Have a nice Christmas time with your family! I love your blog, it is peaceful…

  2. Thank your for the comments 🙂

    Between Hitching Posts –> For me, the importance of the ‘waldorf’ dolls is that they’re made of safe materials – and handmade… and in this case, handmade by ME 🙂 And that they’re unique — not mass produced, and in this case, he looks a little like my son 🙂

    Manon — I was on your blog — the dolls your gifting your three little ones are precious!!

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  4. I stopped by your website to check out the dolls- inpsiration for a bday present tomorrow. But I found so much more than I was looking for….I am inspired with how you so elequently define your journey through motherhood and life- doing something other than merely “existing.”
    On another note, I too, am a photographer, and I am about to make the switch to digital (If you can beleive I still shoot film!)
    What type of camera would you recommend?
    I hope you contine to find beauty in creating a sweet life for your tribe. When I look back over the last 5 years of mothering, I remember the meals, simple breads, homemade chutneys, the gardens and the chickens with the sweetest of thoughts! Thise moments seem to be eternal in my mind

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