Friday’s “ten things I love right now…”

I’m having a difficult time keeping up with this blog — but it’s really important for me to put my positive thougths down — and I need to keep it up! I need to have a collection of thoughts, of crafts, of things that I have accomplished to review and help me through the days that I’m having a hard time 🙂

10. Technology and amazing medical advancements [very close to home]

9. Fog & Stillness — today is crazy foggy. yesterday, the fog made me 20 minutes late for an appointment — today, I can appreciate it from my home. I wish I had a car so that I could head to the covered bridge in town and shoot it — yesterday it was the ABSOLUTE most beautiful I have EVER seen it. That and the river, when the fog lifted — it was the most still water I have seen.


8. Unseasonably beautiful warm weather. I wore flip flops, outside, in November. Unheard of!

7. Home grown veggies — even if I didn’t grow them! I got enough butternut squash from my mom’s garden to make a quadruple batch today 🙂 I made the broth from the last chicken roast we had. I should have gotten pears from my sister’s pear tree!

butternut squash

6. Feeling somewhat “organized”. I already have my christmas cards in HAND. This is crazy early for me!! Granted, they haven’t been addressed yet — so I should probably not brag quite yet! haha.

christmas card

5. National Blog Posting Month – because some of my favorite blogs are being updated more often this month!

4. The fact that we witnessed HISTORY this week with the american elections! So amazing to think of what ALL of it means

3. Ravelry… I’ve only just started looking at the endless source of knitting stuff in there…. but so far, i’m loving it! Now, if I could only find the time to knit……

2. Quiet week-ends. They seem rare here …. but this week-end, we’re staying close to home – visiting a craft fair tomorrow morning and doing some much needed reorganizing around the house!

1. HOPE! This is a figuring I got from a close friend for Christmas 05 — to bring us hope…. and it’s very relevant right now for us….. hope


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