Friday’s “ten things I love right now…”

I’m going to try to keep up with a “10 things I love right now” every friday…. forcing me to focus on the good in everyday life [often times amidst the chaos].

10. the frost — the landscaping is soooo beautiful right now.

9. the way Alexandre calls himself and Elizabeth ‘Alex’ and the way Elizabeth says “UN AN” with confidence when asked how old she’ll be! I don’t even know where it comes from — i’ve been trying to teach her “DEUX ANS” and I haven’t ever said “UN AN” — um….

8. the way the kiddos ask each other ‘ok?’ when one is hurt or coughing.

7. the beautiful handknitted hats the kiddos received for their birthday from their far away aunt in New Zealand (knitted with wool from Autralia)

beautiful handknit hats

6. the fact that I picked up some holga photographs I’ve taken in the last few weeks — and how one shot is a ‘self portrait’ by accident – I love it. (at first I was annoyed that I didn’t take the time to STEP OUT OF THE CAR and avoid the mirror being in the frame….. but now i totally love that you can see me and my holga!)

Self Portrait

5. Birthday Celebration planning!

4. this BEAUTIFUL evening sky….. on a very chaotic thursday….
evening sky

3. that I’ve allowed (even forced!) myself to SLOW down and ‘catch up’ — life was moving at a pace I could hardly keep up with — and these past few weeks have been MUCH better!

2. that my best friend is doing FANTASTIC 🙂

1. free groceries!! I got 160$ worth of FREE groceries today from points on our credit card!!


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